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Release Blitz~ Mondays with You by KJ Lewis


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High-school teacher West Connors struggled to put the pieces of his heart back together after the sudden departure of his best friend, Blake Thomas, from his life ten years ago. While loves have come and gone, West has never quite filled the hole in his heart Blake left behind.

  Blake Thomas gets things done. As a handler for one of the top political fixers in the business, he focuses on work, friends, and one-night stands. He's fooled himself into thinking he's conquered the demons of his past until he runs into the best friend he was forced to leave behind when he was sixteen.  

When their jobs force them into a fake relationship, Blake learns something about his childhood best friend and eventually about himself.

 As they try to repair their damaged friendship, they find that moving forward can sometimes lead you back home.
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Gay Couple Love Home Concept 

Gay Couple Love Home Concept

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The Book Fairy Reviews's Reviews

West, mourning the loss of his friend, his best friend has always felt like a whole in his heart that would never be filled. Imagine his shock when the person he though had been lost to him is one of the men siting in a meeting that where he would be helping a foundation. Pain, confusion and anger.
Blake, never forgot his childhood friend in fact he was the guiding light when he was in the darkness of what his life had become. When he finally sees West after ten years something in him sparks, a sense of home and peace and something more.
Never did West every dream that his fantasies would come true, but when he has to go undercover to solve a crime with his Blake, he has to hold fast to his heart that could break when the investigation is over.
Blake is trying to pick up where he left of with West thinking that he knew his friend even after all the years of watching him from afar, ensuring that he had a full life. What he never expected was that while undercover he would become possessive of him. A feeling in the pit of his heart is growing, and the peace that he always felt when he was with West is growing more and more into what he never thought he would ever have...LOVE.
I love them, West and Blake are the best of love and discovery and soul mates.
A romcom of discovery and love.

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Mondays with You - about the author

KJ is a novelist, hot tamale-addict, and an abolisher of grammar. When not writing, you can find her reading at the beach, exploring New York City, or hanging out in her hometown of Memphis, TN. She started hitting Amazon's top 100 lists with her first novel, Taylor Made, in 2016. She is currently working on the next installment in the Sunday Love Series.
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