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Will by Kerry Heavens

Series: Not Your Average British Romance, Book 2 Release Date November 1st, 2016 Genre Contemporary romance



Will Middleton has no clue how much I want him. He looks at me like I’m an angel, And all I can think about is how he would look tied to my bed.
He’s the perfect gentleman. Amazing considering he’s related to The Spencer Ryan. He is everything Spencer is not. Sensitive, considerate, and unassumingly handsome. I’d like to show him that’s a good thing. But he broke my heart once, and I don't know if I can let him do it again.
Mags Goldsmith is a beautiful, confident heiress and she seems to want me. Although she really shouldn't. I'm not what she needs. She’s a goddess. And when I say goddess, I mean erotica writing siren, who knows more than one use for a riding crop
Everything I thought I knew about her has been rewritten, And now she’s got me tied up in knots. She's everything I've ever wanted and more, I just have to prove I’m worthy.
This is not your average British romance. It's a tale of second chances, strap-ons, and of course sex oranges, All bound up and tied to a bedroom door.

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The Book Fairy Reviews's Reviews

Love, Trust, control and insecurities. All things we look for from within and in some one to love you back with. For Will, his insecurities and need for control in his life, find him wanting a woman who he feels is out of his league, Mags. 
Mags lives the life of plenty, wealthy, country club and debutante balls are the things she grew up with. Now and then the only person she ever loved was Will. His insecurities got in the way before will she let them get in the way now, or will she take control and guide him to bliss for the both of them.
I love the story it was pure and raw in a way that I haven't read before, and I read a lot of books.
But will's vulnerability and his need to be open for Mags to lead him to where he needs to be and still hold his role as the man, was what made this book special. Vulnerability no one wants to show it and Will let's his love see it and take control of it in a loving way. Brilliant!
Funny, well you have Spencer, Will's cousin that is set for all the comedy relief you would want through out the book. His love for Jazzy is in you face with no apologies. No filter no matter who is in attendance makes hi not only a colorful character but also the one that sort of tortures Will. With his outgoing personality Will desperately craves to be that open.
A book that has to be read and treasured, Will will steal your heart!

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About the Author:

Sparkle, kink and all things ink. That's what Kerry Heavens is made of. Writing smutty, sometimes funny romance, with a touch of kink. Real characters and best friends you wish you had. A little ink thrown in here and there. HEAs guaranteed.

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